24 Jun

(Amy Tornabouni)

“When your cousin gets here, can you ask him to move some chairs to the garage?”
Wait ‘til Nonno leaves
Move some chairs to the garage

“What are you talking about?” I had expected this to go differently.
“Maybe it’s the machismo we grow up with…”

“We’re Catholics.” I am so confused.
“Remember when Zia met your Great Grandmother?”
“No.” I hadn’t been born yet.
“She hugged her. She said ‘Good for you’.”

“You’re such a stereotype,” she says
when I light up my cigar.
I admit,
I feel a little ashamed…

Not so!
because I’m a girl
and cigars are a boy thing
like being named about your great-grandfather
like I would have been
if I were a boy

But then she got sick
and I made eggplant…

So I suppose she’s right.


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